Tutorial of INO for Programs (Part 2 of 2)

3 min readMay 26, 2021

DEGO INO will be open to investor and project applicants around the corner. Please be noted that 1% of the funds raised will be used for DEGO repurchase. In the previous chapter, we have introduced the INO submission tutorial for investors. Today, we will introduce the tutorial for projects.

Part 2 — INO Submission Tutorial for Project Applicants

1. Submit a project

Click “Submit”

2. Start INO

Click “Submit”

Fill in the project information

⚠️ Notice

“Contract address” can only be filled in once.

After submission, others will not be able to use this token contract to INO

After completing the information, click the “Submit” and sign to confirm, enter the NFC Pool to create a pool.

3. Fill in the “Pool” information

Category Descriptions

  • NFT name
  • Type: Currently supported: public and whitelist mode
  • Target token The raised token currently supports: USDT/BUSD/BNB/DEGO
  • Amount : Total amount in current NFC pool After “approve”, fill in the total amount raised in the current pool
  • Ratio : Conversion ratio
  • Individual Hardcap:The limit of Individual address
  • Purchase start time
  • Purchase end time
  • Release Mode:

*Released : Release directly

*Linear Release :Set a date and linear release when the specified date is reached

*Maturity Release

Set a date and release when the specified date is reached

*Periodical Release

Set the releasing start time, interval time and proportion

For example, start releasing on May 27th and release 20% every 90 days.

4. Complete Creation

Congrats! You have finished the creation. Now you can continue to create multiple Pools.

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