Tutorial of INO for Investor (Part 1 of 2)

3 min readMay 19, 2021

The first financial NFT asset issuance INO (Initial NFC issuance) will be launched. It will allow the contract to execute complex saft, agreements, and orders to solve the trust problem in the process of raising funds and protect the interests of investors. Currently it has supported Release, Linear Release, Maturity Release and Periodical Release. The complex situation of FT is carried out through INO (Initial NFC Offering), which will make the investment environment more open and transparent. Meanwhile, 1% of the funds raised will be used for DEGO repurchase.

INO will be open to investor applicants and project applicants. Please choose the matching tutorial according to your needs.

Part 1 — INO Tutorial for Investor

  1. Purchase:

1.1 Select the project that is in the process of INO

1.2 Check the information of the corresponding to NFC pool.

Category Descriptions

  • End in : End Time
  • Token Supply: The current total supply of NFC POOL
  • Progress: Raising progress
  • Ratio: Conversion ratio
  • Release Mode:

*Release: Release directly

*Linear Release : Proportional release within a fixed time

*Maturity Release: Set a date and release when the specified date is reached

*Periodical Release: After reaching the specified date, release a fixed percentage every fixed time period.

1.3 Click ‘Buy’ to subscribe.

1.4 After the block is confirmed, click ‘Your allocations’ to view NFC.

2. Withdraw

When NFC meets the withdrawal conditions, token extraction can be performed, click ‘withdraw’. Please be noted: When the ‘token=0’ in NFC, NFC will be destroyed automatically.

3. Split

Click “Split” to unpack the NFC. For example, 1 NFC containing 100 BNB can be split into 100 NFCs containing 1 BNB for unpacking.

‘Approve’ NFC and DEGO in turn

Each split requires 1 DEGO

It can be split after the block is confirmed.

After the block is confirmed, the NFC of 10 INO tokens has been split into NFC of 9 INO tokens and 1 INO token at this time.

In the next chapter, we are going to introduce INO submission tutorial for programs.

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