Join Dego Finance’s First IDO: $BNAN

3 min readDec 29, 2023

Dear community,

We are thrilled to unveil the launch of our inaugural IDO on our Delta launchpad– presenting $BNAN, the BANANA Market token.

BANANA is positioned as an Asset Distribution layer in the Bitcoin ecosystem, representing the first community-driven asset launchpad on the most enduring Blockchain infrastructure, focusing on establishing a market for the issuance and trading of BTC-themed assets. Ultimately Banana will offer users a cheaper and faster trading experience through deployments on Layer 2 networks, which is the best way to absorb the enlarging yet abundant amount of assets being added to the Bitcoin network. Banana token, denoted as $BNAN, is a BTC native asset following BRC20 standard.

🍌1. Token Information

  • Name: $BNAN
  • Total Supply: 210,000,000
  • Token Allocation: Show as below

2. IDO Rule

Price: 0.000004 ETH/0.00000024 BTC per $BNAN
Total Supply: 210M
Total IDO Token: 5% (10.5M)
Fundraising Target: $105K worth of ETH and BTC
Schedule: 100% released at TGE
Whitelist Allocation: 2100 (DEGO: 1000; Banana Market: 1100)
$BNAN Quantity per Whitelist: 5,000

Banana Market Social Media:

Twitter | Telegram | Medium| Discord

🧑‍🌾 Unlock IDO Quotas by Staking in Delta Launchpad

We’re excited to offer 800 exclusive spots to our DEGO community members who aren’t whitelisted.

If you’re a staker on our Delta launchpad, please note that the $DEGO Snapshot will be taken at 12:00 UTC, JAN 3.

How to stake in Delta?

Check the tutorial:

Event Timeline

  1. Phase One: Subscribe on Delta:

⏰ 2 PM UTC, JAN 3 – 12:00 PM UTC, JAN 7

Allocation Probability

Whenever DEGO initiates a launchpad, there is a specific purchase quota. Simultaneously, the corresponding level varies due to the different amounts of DEGO staked. The correlation between the amount of DEGO staked and the allocation ratio is as follows:

Launchpad Staking Requirement: Minimum 200 $DEGO tokens.

2. Phase Two: Check if you win the quota at 8 AM UTC, JAN 4 and Claim the NFT if you’re on the list.

3. Phase Three: You can stake the NFT for $BNAN or trade the NFT on marketplaces at 8 AM UTC, JAN 5.


An additional 200 spots will be allocated among Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Strategic Partners, and Community events.

Stay updated on our upcoming whitelist campaigns by following us on Twitter for the latest information!

About Dego Finance

Dego Finance is an innovative incubator for the Web3 world. We are actively incubating diverse projects, spanning the BTC ecosystem, Depin, Desci, and GameFi, and collaborating with our partners to embark on a new chapter.

Delta, as a web3 asset launchpad, originated from which was the grand finale of the DeFi summer. Through Delta, we pass on the ideals of decentralized dApps like Uniswap, AAVE, Curve, and Yearn. Delta is envisioned to be radical to bring about changes, yet cautious about the inherent risk of crypto.

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