HOO ✖️ DEGO Treasure Hunt is Coming

  • Treasure Chests casting begin at 20:00, Apr 9th (UTC +8)
  • Hunting begins at Apr 12th 20:00 — Apr 27th 20:00 (UTC +8)

How to participate:

Users can cast exclusive Treasure Chest NFT with HOO BEP20 Token at the Dego NFT Foundry and then after the Hunting open.

How to cast NFT:

We are thrilled to announce that #DEGO and #HOO have reached a strategic partnership. The two parties will work closely with each other on #NFT+#DeFi and jointly carry out NFT treasure-hunting activity, cooperatively providing more diverse NFT products and explore new ways of playing for #DEGO ecosystem.

About Hoo

A centralized crypto exchange based in China.

Hoo.com is a leading blockchain assets service company in the sphere. Started as a crypto wallet, it aims to build a top blockchain assets service platform whose business has expanded to crypto exchanges, wallets, custody and mining industry. Focusing on innovation and creation, Hoo.com …

Dear community members on Degoland,

Prior to our grand opening of the first Dividend Pool Mining Campaign, we have laid the foundation and roll the red carpet.

Since the distribution of DEGO ERC20 and DEGO BEP20 are uneven which could hurt users’ experience over the mining event.

We have issued 1,000,000 DEGO tokens on Binance Smart Chain

Then burned 1,000,000 DEGO tokens (997,998.69 after transfer tax deduction) tokens on Ethereum

So please rest assured, the total supply of DEGO tokens on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum stays the same.

Our first Dividend Pool Mining Campaign begins today. Now all users can enjoy Binance Bridge freely and mine rewards without any concerns.

  • Minting begins on 10:00 UTC+0, 31st March 2021
  • Dividend Pool Mining begins on 12:00 UTC+0, 31st March 2021

Mine your rewards!

May the odds be ever in your favor.


Dego Core Team

Dear community members on Degoland,

Prior to our grand opening of the first Dividend Pool Mining Campaign, we have laid the foundation and roll the red carpet.

We’d honour our previous Proposal of Liquidity Migration to Pancake Swap and Binance Smart Chain.

After we removed 50% of our LP (Check This), we have received a total of 1,563.15 ETH and 157,844.66 DEGO tokens and we have exchanged 1,563.15 ETH for 9529.23 BNB @295.5 USD/BNB.

Today, we have injected $5.4M worth of liquidity, which are 8,797.04 BNB and 150,000.00 DEGO tokens(149,700 after transfer tax deduction)

Into DEGO/BNB pair on Pancake Swap…

Since launched on 14th September 2020, DEGO token has adopted a deflation model where a tax is charged on every transfer. This very tax rate has been reduced from 5% to 0.2% now (0.1% is burned and 0.1% is transferred to the Dividend Pool). Up to now, a total of 1,082,214.70 DEGO tokens are accumulated, which is currently worth over 20 million USD. All of these tokens will be distributed to the community through various dividend pool activities in the future.

The first Dividend Pool Mining Campaign will be launched soon and 50,000 DEGO will be made available for mining.

Introduction of the Dividend Pool:

As the staggering GAS fee problem of the Ethereum Network remained unsolved for many projects including DEGO Finance, the core team has proposed the “Proposal of Liquidity Migration onto Pancake Swap to reduce users’ GAS fee spend” on the 10th of March. 78.46% of participants voted for migrating 50% of the liquidity to Pancake Swap, and we shall heed your wish.

DEGO has announced a partnership with Conflux team on the NFT project.

Through this cooperation, Conflux will provide basic infrastructure support for DEGO. Both sides will work together to deepen the NFT field, and explore new application scenarios of blockchain technology and NFT. At the same time, both sides will also share products and resources in technology, NFT, community and business application scenarios. As a high-performance underlying blockchain system, Conflux Network has created a good condition for improving the speed of on-chain confirmation, mortgage and clearing of NFT assets, reducing transaction costs and increasing transaction liquidity. …

The first Seascape x DEGO NFT Beach Party is coming! Come Together for the Beach Party and win 1000 pCWS!

  • NFT Casting Time: Begin at 10:00, March 17th (UTC)
  • NFT Party Open Time: March 17th 12:00 — March 31th 12:00 (UTC)

How to participate:

Users can cast NFT with pCWS_BEP20 at the DEGO NFT Foundry and then staking after the Beach Party open.

How to cast NFT:

  1. Open official website http://bsc.dego.finance/home, click DEGO Foundry

We are pleased to announce that we have made strategic cooperation with Apron Network, a decentralized infrastructure service platform on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Apron Network will provide DEGO with decentralized infrastructure service support through the cooperation. The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation, providing DEGO with node services, data indexing services, and other infrastructure services including pricing and random number in the future, to help DEGO Finance develop rapidly.

About Apron Network

Apron Network is committed to building a decentralized infrastructure service network platform. Enabled by blockchain technology infrastructure service, Apron Network is able to provide a decentralized network for DApp developers, Dapp…

Cross-chain NFT and DeFi protocol DEGO Finance has reached a strategic cooperation with the Web 3.0 product Mask Network. Both parties will conduct further conversation on the development of NFT on traditional social media platforms, how to bring users more value, and build an NFT entrance in the Web 3.0 era.

DEGO Finance is a cross-chain NFT+DeFi protocol and infrastructure. Mask Network and DEGO Finance reached an in-depth agreement in discovering how to land NFT’s functionality and finance characteristics. Through this cooperation, both parties will work together in fields such as NFT blind boxes, games, and social networks. …


DEGO.Finance — Decentralized Finance with Sustainability

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