DEGO Christmas Carnival Whitelist

1) How to claim the Magic Box?

1) For users who obtained the whitelist, click to enter.

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2) Click on any gift box, and a special NFT with a face value of 2–100 BUSD will be randomly selected, including DEGO’s Christmas tree, MATH’s Christmas hat, QIAN’s Bell and BugerSwap’s Burger. Here’s a table of estimated probability of getting these NFTs.

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DEGO team will collect a whitelist of up to 1,000 participants for this Christmas Event from December 16th to December 20th (UTC +1 PM). Whitelist members are 100% guaranteed to get a blind NFT box worth 2–100 BUSD and can join the exclusive Christmas event which will start from Dec. 21th.

Event Time

Dec 16th, 2020 — Dec 20th, 2020 (UTC +1 PM)

Details of Christmas Whitelist

  • Twitter Event (300 people)
  • Discord Event (150 people)
  • Telegram Event (500 people)
  • DEGO Loyal Supporters (50 people)

How to Join

1) Twitter Christmas Boxes Whitelist Campaign

2) Discord Christmas Boxes Whitelist Campaign

  • 150 participants will be selected randomly to…

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Ho ! Ho ! Ho!

Christmas is coming to town, ladies and gents!

If you have not received anything from Santa yet, join the DEGO Christmas party and win a share of our $100,000 Prize Pool!

Campaign 1 Magic Draw

DEGO, together with MATH, Burger, QIAN, are excited to announce the upcoming 4000 Christmas Magic Draw boxes that are full of surprises. The Christmas Boxes contain one of these NFT, Christmas Trees, Red Hats, Candy Hooks, Skates and Burger. Participate in whitelist activities of any BSC project and draw a blind box on on December 21th 2020.

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As Dego community has voted yes for the latest proposal by Alpaca City, we would like to bring on the Dego-Alpaca NFT Mining Campaign. You can check the proposal in the link below.

Alpaca City is endeavoring to create a more accessible DeFi ecosystem by combining the power of yield farming and NFT. We are glad to announce today that Alpaca will launch a series of joint NFT campaigns with

Campaign Dates:

  • 1st Dec 2020, Mining Rules Announced
  • 3rd Dec 2020, Auction of Exclusive NFTs
  • 3rd Dec 2020, Dego NFT Mining Begins (Machu Picchu Temple)
  • 4th Dec 2020, NFT Casting…

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Dearly beloved DEGO Communities:

I hope you are well.

We recently launched DEGO Foundry, the latest addiction to DEGO NFT Product Kit and start to experimenting on NFT Mining on Binance Smart Chain, and we are grateful to see that Bounce donated $100,000 worth of BOT tokens to hold joint campaigns to expand the BSC NFT universe together.

On the third day of campaign, Bounce team used team tokens to mint some BOTs, causing minor dissatisfaction among users in both communities.

We have communicated with Bounce team and it is their decision to lock team tokens and participate. DEGO team has no participation of this process and our sole responsibility is the smooth running of products and smart contracts only. …

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DEGO will officially open up its Liquidity Mining Pools to the public on the 16th of September, 1pm UTC.

DEGO has a Total supply of 21 million, 80% of which will be minted out by liquidity mining.

Total Token supply: 21, 000, 000 DEGO

Mining supply: 16,800,000 DEGO

Halving period: 1 week

The initial set of available pools:

👨‍🌾Pool 1:


To participate on the USDT mining pool, miners will have to stake USDT on Dego Dapp ( to get $DEGO rewards.

5% of the Mining pool (1,050,000 DEGO)

525,000 DEGO will be released during the first week. a 50% weekly halving mechanism will be implemented from the second week. …

It’s been less than 4 days since DEGO Telegram group was created to assist supporters and future yield farmers of the DEGO Ecosystem understand the project. We are pleased with the positive vibe of the community, growing from 0 to more than 800+ active participants.🎉 DEGO team expresses our gratitude and love of the community towards our project.

In our perspectives, DEGO is the LEGO in the DeFi world which differs from MAKER DAO, COMPOUND, YFI and even the recent SUSHI in diversity, creativity and fairness. …

Yield Farming has recently been the focus of interest and discussion in the broader crypto community, initiating a new era for DeFi via liquidity mining.

The popular formulas of current liquidity mining are:

Daily output per user = daily output of the mining pool * staked amount/total staked amount

Under this model, the whales🐳 become the top winners, they can easily take away nearly all liquidity rewards and irrational sellout their yield. And this is a harsh predatory game for shrimps🦐. With the rise of yield farming, whales are the most common concern for DeFi farmers.

To solve this problem and toward a more sustainable ecosystem of DeFi, we create the 👉Liquidity mining with algorithmic adjusted.

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Recently, we’ve seen a boom in decentralized finance (DeFi). The exponential growth and FOMO sentiment around DeFi have attracted many new crypto investors and developers to space and have stimulated the interest of traditional financial players. Everyone searches for best investment potential and hunts gems in the DeFi world.

The exploration is worthwhile, but your funds, time and chances are limited, and you can never fully grasp all investment opportunities.

🤖However, in DEGO, things would be different.

DEGO adopts a modular combination design concept. Modularity refers to the combination of various elements of the product to form a subsystem with specific functions. …



DEGO.Finance — Decentralized Finance with Sustainability

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