DEGO Monthly Report in June ( from June 1 to June 30)

In June, DEGO team have made productive progress. We will endeavor to make breakthrough in the July. Please read our Monthly Report for the details of partnerships, events and other news.

Events and Partnerships

1. New INO with Onion Mixer
In June, DEGO has successfully launched an INO (Initial NFC Offering) with Onion Mixer on 8th June. The INO only had a pool for whitelist users but it was completed 100% on 9th June. Total allocation of 125M OMT token was swapped at price 0.0004$, total value up to 50,000 BUSD.

OMT INO in DEGO main web.

2. Dego is now featured Dapp in HuobiWallet.
Starting from June 8, users can find DEGO Dapp under “New Projects” in Huobi Wallet. Both BSC and ETH versions are now available in Huobi Wallet.

Huobi Wallet x DEGO Cooperation Poster
Interface of Huobi Wallet

3. AMA with Onion Mixer
On June 12, Dego hosted an AMA with Onion Mixer. 400 fans shared 800 $OMT when joining the AMA. Onion Mixer AMA was a success and a lot of questions were asked during the AMA session. Read the AMA recap here.

Onion x DEGO AMA

4. UEFA EURO 2020 Campaign with Treasureland
DEGO has launched the UEFA Euro 2020 prediction campaign with Treasureland on June 15. The campaign has attracted a large number of participants. We will announce the winner list and those who get right will have a chance to win a rare NFT.

5. NFT Summer Trading Campaign with Seascape Network and Treasureland
From June 25, Users will earn a ticket when they make every 3 Scapes NFT trades (buy/sell) on Treasureland. They will use that ticket to participate in the raffle and a shot at winning an EXCLUSIVE EPIC NFT. Winners will be announced on July 14.

6. DEGO Roadmap progress updated.
We have received a lot of feedback from users about updating the roadmap progress. Thanks to all the reminders from users, we will update the roadmap more often so that they can follow the progress of DEGO’s project development.

Here’s some updates on the roadmap we made in June:

Other News

  1. DEGO is among the MVB Top Performers on Binance Smart Chain.

2. DEGO is among Top-25 Projects With The Highest Social Engagement in Bianance Smart Chain.

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