DEGO Monthly Report in August ( from August 1 to August 31)

3 min readSep 4, 2021

In August, DEGO team has made productive progress. We will endeavor to make a breakthrough in September. Please read our Monthly Report for the details of events, partnerships, and other news.

Events and Partnerships

1. Welcome to DEGO’s birthday party! Together with our partners TRIAS and COCOS, a total of 4 mining pools worth $600,000 will be launched. The Pool Mining Campaign will be launched on 19 AUG and 50,000 DEGO, 5000 TRIAS, and 60,000 COCOS will be ready for mining.

2. DEGO had an AMA with CoPuppy on August 5th.

3. CCTIP and DEGO reached a strategic partnership on August 9th. CCTIP is a multi-chain supported and Project-friendly wallet trusted by millions of users. CCTip listed DEGO in their wallet.

4. DEGO had an anniversary NFT design campaign with Treasureland from August 13 to Sep 3.

5. DEGO celebrated its first anniversary and launched an online carnival on August 19th. Read More

Other News

1. DEGO is the NFT project in “NFT DAILY Weekly Performance Of Most-traded NFT Projects”. (Provide by NFT Daily)

2. DEGO is one of the top coins by price performance in 2021 on August 4th. (Provide by CryptoDep)

3. DEGO was listed by LBank exchange on August 9th.

4. Binance had added DEGO to the list of supported assets on Savings, a value-added service to Binance users who hold idle digital assets. Users can Earn Up to 30% APY with Binance Savings. Read More

5. DEGO is one of the top gainers on Polkadot Ecosystem on August 21st. (Provided by CryptoCrunch)

About DEGO Finance

DEGO Finance is an NFT+DeFi protocol and infrastructure with two functions: The project acts as an independent and open NFT ecosystem drawing users to the blockchain space. The NFT Suite offers services covering the full NFT lifecycle, enabling anyone to issue NFTs, participate in auctions, and trade NFTs. Recently, DEGO has embarked on a new journey on GameFi and will input more on R&D of Blockchain Games, Tokenisation of Game Assets, Asset Lending, and more.

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