Updates on Liquidity Migration

Dear community members on Degoland,

Prior to our grand opening of the first Dividend Pool Mining Campaign, we have laid the foundation and roll the red carpet.

We’d honour our previous Proposal of Liquidity Migration to Pancake Swap and Binance Smart Chain.

After we removed 50% of our LP (Check This), we have received a total of 1,563.15 ETH and 157,844.66 DEGO tokens and we have exchanged 1,563.15 ETH for 9529.23 BNB @295.5 USD/BNB.

Today, we have injected $5.4M worth of liquidity, which are 8,797.04 BNB and 150,000.00 DEGO tokens(149,700 after transfer tax deduction)

Into DEGO/BNB pair on Pancake Swap from our deployer address:

As for the residuals, approx 7,844.66 DEGO Tokens will be set aside for a mysterious event, stay tuned for this.

And 732.19 BNB will use used to buyback DEGO Tokens as a show of good faith of our undying supports to the project. This buyback portion of DEGO Tokens will also be used for future mining pools and airdrops.

Our first Dividend Pool Mining Campaign begins today. Now all users can enjoy the liquidity freely and mine rewards without any concerns.

  • Minting begins on 10:00 UTC+0, 31st March 2021

Mine your rewards!

May the odds be ever in your favor.


Dego Core Team



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