To deepen the NFT Project, DEGO has reached a strategic cooperation with Conflux

DEGO has announced a partnership with Conflux team on the NFT project.

Through this cooperation, Conflux will provide basic infrastructure support for DEGO. Both sides will work together to deepen the NFT field, and explore new application scenarios of blockchain technology and NFT. At the same time, both sides will also share products and resources in technology, NFT, community and business application scenarios. As a high-performance underlying blockchain system, Conflux Network has created a good condition for improving the speed of on-chain confirmation, mortgage and clearing of NFT assets, reducing transaction costs and increasing transaction liquidity. In terms of scalability and security, it is more suitable for the long-term prosperity and development of the NFT Project.

As one of the popular tracks in recent years, a large number of institutions and programs are making active arrangements on the NFT project. But in current market, the structures of NFT tend to be simple, in the form of encrypted artwork or game items, and only cultural IP value or game value is reflected.

In the strong alliance between Conflux and DEGO, both sides are not satisfied with the current situation of NFT entertainment culture, but are committed to the collision with technology, ecology and creativity, and strive to explore newer NFT scenarios and values.

About Conflux

Conflux is a state of the art public blockchain system that can achieve high transactions per second (TPS) without sacrificing decentralization or safety. One of the major challenges in the current Blockchain field is low throughput rate. The current available POW- based blockchain system (Bitcoin, Ethereum) all have a very low transaction quantity. The existing rate limit for bitcoin is approximately 7 transactions per second and for Ethereum is approximately 30 transactions per second, which is way slower than the existing centralized transaction services like Visa; which supports transaction quantity of over 1,000 transactions per second. Conflux is here to change the game by sticking to Nakamoto’s consensus but adjusting protocol parameters. By adopting the independent IP Tree Graph (TG) structure, Conflux realized a high throughput rate of 3000–6000 transactions per second without compromising on decentralization.

About DEGO

DEGO created the cross-chain NFT + DeFi Protocol and infrastructure, exploring the implementation of the financial functionality of NFT, including NFT creation, trading, auction and DeFi applications.

DEGO provides Superstructure Empowering Blockchain Project, supports user acquisition, and releases scenarios like NFT customization and NFT mining. DEGO is using Substrate to build parallel blockchains to enable NFT assets to cross chains and consolidate applications and underlying protocols.



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