The Treasure Hunt is about to Begin! $50,000 of Rewards to be Mined!

HOO ✖️ DEGO Treasure Hunt is Coming

  • Treasure Chests casting begin at 20:00, Apr 9th (UTC +8)

How to participate:

Users can cast exclusive Treasure Chest NFT with HOO BEP20 Token at the Dego NFT Foundry and then after the Hunting open.

How to cast NFT:

2. Click Casting NFT

3. Click on Treasure Chest and then approve Dego and Hoo

4. Enter the par value of Hoo for casting the NFT and then click Casting NFT

5. Comlpeted! Treasure Chests after the Hunting begins.

How to Stake?

2. Click Mining->Hunting

3. Click approve to approve your NFT

4. Click staking and start mine HOO tokens

5. Click Harvest / Withdraw all to claim your reward

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