SecondLive x DEGO Outfit NFT Mystery Box Giveaway

Event Introduction

About Event

⏰ Event Time

  • Whitelist Campaign

12:00 July 19 to 12:00 July 26, UTC

  • NFT Mystery Box Claim Period

12:00 July 28 to 24:00 Aug 4, UTC

📖 Mystery Box Distributions

Details of the DEGO Outfit NFT distribution:

  1. 200 DEGO shorts
  2. 200 DEGO shoes
  3. 200 DEGO T-shirt

***The remaining NFT Mystery Boxes will open for all Gleam participants to mint if any are left after the mint is due (12:00 July 28 to 24:00 Aug 4, UTC). . The event is based on a first-come-first-served basis.***

🚥 How to Join the Campaign

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