🚢 Sail into the Seilors’ Voyage and Secure Exclusive Ocean Badges

4 min readSep 6, 2023

🌊 Ahoy, Web3 Enthusiasts! Dego has embarked on its inaugural journey into the SEI blockchain. To celebrate this momentous mainnet launch, we’re thrilled to introduce a limited supply of Ocean Badges.

Thanks to SEI’s innovative enhancements, Defusion is charting a course to expand its thriving ecosystem. Join us on the Seilors’ Voyage, Mint your tokens, and set your course for winning and unlocking greater rewards through Defusion airdrops.

Event Time: 12:00 UTC, Sep 6 –12:00 UTC, Sep 21

🏠 Access: defusion.ai

🚢 Tutorial of bridging into the Sei ecosystem

1. Wallet Connection

Click HERE to access the compass_wallet located in the extension bar of your browser, and input your password to unlock your Sei wallet. Then, hit the “Connect Wallet” button and choose Compass Wallet.

2. Select Your Ecosystem:

Navigate to the “Bridge” section in the left-hand menu and pick your preferred ecosystem from the “From” dropdown list.

3. Connecting Your Wallet

Now, establish a connection with your Ethereum Wallet by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to bridge from Ethereum.

Utilize the “auto-fill” address option. Please keep in mind that the destination wallet will be the same Sei wallet you connected to in Step 3.

4. Initiate the Bridge Transfer:

Click the “Bridge to Sei” button and proceed to approve the transaction using your Ethereum wallet to kickstart the bridge transfer.

Please bear in mind that the transfer duration may vary depending on network activity. During the bridging process, you can monitor the progress by clicking on the “You have a bridge transaction in progress” button at the top.

Source: https://twitter.com/SeiNetwork/status/1691970241599787108

🗺️ Tutorial of AIGC Minting

Please check the tutorial here: https://docs.dego.finance/defusion/text-to-image

*** This minting activity consumes $SEI as a miner fee on chain; please ensure you have enough Gas.***

🎯 Badge Collection

Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of Ocean Badges:

  • Aquatic Apprentice: Mint a total of 5 NFTs within the event time
  • Oceanic Explorer: Mint a total of 7 NFTs within the event time
  • Maritime Maestro: Mint a total of 10 NFTs within the event time

1. Aquatic Apprentice

Immerse yourself in the serene waters as Defusion’s Aquatic Apprentice. Mint for 5 days, embrace the ocean’s whispers and embark on a journey of discovery.

2. Oceanic Explorer

Dive deeper into the heart of the ocean as Defusion’s Oceanic Explorer. Mint for 7 days to unveil hidden treasures and unravel the mysteries of the deep blue expanse.

3. Maritime Maestro

Ascend to the zenith of maritime knowledge as Defusion’s Maritime Maestro. Mint for 10 days, navigate the celestial and aquatic realms with unparalleled wisdom and become a true master of the sea.

Seize the opportunity to earn these prestigious badges and explore the wonders of the Sei ecosystem! 🌊🏅🌟

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Dego Finance is an innovative platform aggregating DeFi and NFT, which employs a modular design approach to integrate various elements and form subsystems with specific functionalities. By combining these subsystems into a universal module alongside other modules, DEGO creates a comprehensive system with multiple functions and enhanced performance.

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Welcome to Defusion.ai- where imagination meets innovation. As a pioneer in the intersection of AI and NFTs, Defusion.ai invites you to unleash your creative potential and craft unique NFTs, turning your visions into tangible digital assets. Through this journey, not only will you earn distinct badges symbolizing your achievements, but you also have the opportunity to unlock rewards through airdrops.

Defusion.ai is more than a platform, it’s a growing community filled with creators, artists, and innovators, all-embracing the thrilling future of NFT and AI. Backed by dego_, we’re shaping the future of Web3.

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