Join the D-Verse NFT Presale, Grab a Ticket to DEGO Metaverse!

Details of D-Verse Presale

⏰ Timeline:

🎯 Venue:

💰 Price:

📚 Tutorial to Mint a D-Verse NFT

  1. Visit

🏜 Where to trade: Treasureland

Other Rules:

  • D-Verse NFT consists of 26 types. Users will mint in blind drop, they will receive a random NFT. Each address can mint up to 10 D-Verse NFTs.
  • Whitelist users are exclusive to join the NFT minting before Public Sale. Whitelist addresses can mint D-Verse NFT once only at the whitelist price.
  • Please be aware of any investments are associated with risk. DEGO shall not be for such risk or propose financial advice.

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