How to Participate in Christmas Campaign?

DEGO Christmas Carnival Whitelist

1) How to claim the Magic Box?

1) For users who obtained the whitelist, click to enter.

2) Click on any gift box, and a special NFT with a face value of 2–100 BUSD will be randomly selected, including DEGO’s Christmas tree, MATH’s Christmas hat, QIAN’s Bell and BugerSwap’s Burger. Here’s a table of estimated probability of getting these NFTs.

  • The maximum amount of KRYPTONITE NFT in any category is 10
  • Power = Value * Mining Efficiency

2) How to participate in Auction?

1) Visit

2) Click [Aution]

3) Click [Bid Now]

You can enter the price for auction before the end of the countdown.

If one bid is won, the next bidder needs to bid 10% more of the previous winning bid. If the bid price is more than 110%, the excess bidding amount will be refunded according to the final price.


  • The auctioned items are bid with BNB.
  • The NFT is won by the highest bidder.
  • For each auction, the starting countdown clock is set to 24 hours.
  • When there is less than 1 hour on the countdown clock, a new bid will increase the countdown clock by 10 minutes while the countdown clock is capped at 1 hour.
  • The starting bid of each auctioned NFT is 1 BNB. If one bid is won, the next bidder needs to bid 10% more of the previous winning bid. A 10% price difference is created in such way, where 80% of the price difference is distributed to previous winning bidder, and 20% is distributed to the Auction System Reserve.

3) How to participate in Casting?

ONE DEGO token is needed for each casting, and the face value can be decomposed after 720 hours, after which 100% of the face value will be returned to the casting address

1)Go to and select DEGO Foundry

2) Select [Casting NFT]

3) Authorize via your wallet interface and click [Approve Dego]

4) After completing the authorization, click [Approve Bot] for the NFT you want

5) Enter the par value of NFT in [Bot Par Value] and then click [Approve Bot]

6) After it’s finished, you can see [Casted!] in a pop-up window

7) You can check the detail data of your NFT by selecting [GEGO] -> [My NFT] -> [GEGO V2]

4) How to participate in Christmas Mining Royale

1) Click [Go] on the event page

2) Select a team of your liking

3) Click [Staking] to support the team of your choosing

Reward distribution

a.Mining power is calculated as below
- i.50% is distributed among all Battalions.
- ii.Another 50% is distributed according to Mining power rank from highest to lowest,
b.Hero of a Battalion can earn 20% mining rewards of this Battalion.
c.If Battalion’s rank is denoted as si, mining power is denoted as pi, total rewards in the mining pool is denoted as R, then each Battalion can receive, Ri=R*(√ ̄si*pi)/∑(√ ̄si*pi)



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