DEGO Monthly Report in May (from May 1st to May 31st)


1. DEGO initiated INO — Initial NFC Offering in May

Non-Fungible Contract is A Decentralized Contract Issuance Protocol that executes complex structure of spot and future investment contracts.

2. Dego’s first INO with BeatSquare successfully launched. — 31 May

The general pool has been filled within 3 minutes.
All 3000 packages of @hatano_yui ‘s #NFT sold out within 5 minutes and circulate in trading in Treasureland.

7. BSC and Dego celebrated #BlockchainPizza day on Treasureland — 22 May.

  • BSC and DEGO Finance launch the #BlockchainPizza campaign for artists, creators, and NFT collectors.


  • The two parties will cooperate closely in the field of DeFi. IME will provide a more user-friendly entrance for DEGO to explore DeFi, reduce the threshold of using DeFi. DEGO will provide more content entrepreneurship and innovation for IME, which will bring more possibilities for both sides.

3. Dego x Beatsquare has reached a strategic partnership. — 27 May

  • The two parties will cooperate closely in the field of DeFi.Onion Mixer supports anonymous token transactions on both Ethereum and BSC,it will make the transaction more private and secure, and provide more possibilities for DEGO Finance.

Other News:

  1. Big milestone: DEGO hit 100K followers on Twitter. — 12 May
Thank you Dego community for helping us reach such a big milestone.
DEGO and other top BSC projects sponsored Vietnam Super Blockathon.

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