DEGO Monthly Report in July ( from July 1 to July 31)

In July, DEGO team have made productive progress. We will endeavor to make a breakthrough in July. Please read our Monthly Report for the details news and highlights.

News and Events

1. Milestone: Defi + NFT Aggregation Platform DEGO Finance Will Embark on the Gamefi Journey.

Based on the previous successful corporations and the trending, Cocos-BCX and DEGO will further partner in Metaverse based on the current gaming assets tokenization and newly developed gaming economy.

DEGO and Cocos-BCX, the Next-Gen digital game economy, has reached a strategic partnership. The two teams will cooperate on the R&D of Blockchain Games, Tokenisation of Game Assets, Asset Lending, and more.

2. DEGO will further migrate into BSC ecosystem

DEGO team injected 700 ETH and 1,050,000 DEGO tokens into Uniswap as the Initial Liquidity Pool in September 2020. Now that DEGO is listed on the exchange with sufficient liquidity, the team decides to withdraw some liquidity gradually.

The first withdrawal will be $1M worth of ETH/DEGO (about 218 ETH/45,500 DEGO) where the ETH will be used to BUYBACK DEGO Tokens from the market. DEGO tokens will be given back to the team in a linear fashion within one year.

3. DEGO joins NFT Summer Trading Campaign II with others partners.

Inspired by the 32nd Tokyo Olympic Games, DEGO and partners — Treasureland, BabySwap, CryptoTycoon, CoPuppy launched the NFT Summer trading campaign II — Treasureland Olympics Games during the fruitful summer. The top trader with the most volume will win a DEGO NFT worth 100 dego token par value which can be used in mining.

4. DEGO will celebrate on August 19th.

DEGO Finance was born on 19th August 2020. From the first Tweet, the first log, and the first DEGO NFT, we witnessed DEGO’s explosive growth from ground zero to this day, a project with a strength of over 120,000 Twitter followers, over 100,000 Telegram members, and more than 30,000+ Discord fans. We will celebrate the first anniversary and launch an online carnival with NFT Creation, Mining, and more events and incentives.

5. DEGO NFT holders were able to claim BiDragon NFT and participate in the “top mine”.

6. DEGO NFT holders were able to claim JOJO NFT from and participate in the staked to JOJO NFT Pool.


1.DEGO is the OP BSC Ecosystem Tokens by Price Performance (30d) 27 July 2021.

2. DEGO is the Top 10 Gainers Among DeFi Projects in July.

3. DEGO is the top 10 project with the highest social signal in Binance Smart Chain.

About DEGO Finance

DEGO Finance is an NFT+DeFi protocol and infrastructure with two functions: The project acts as an independent and open NFT ecosystem drawing users to the blockchain space. The NFT Suite offers services covering the full NFT lifecycle, enabling anyone to issue NFTs, participate in auctions, and trade NFTs. Recently, DEGO has embarked on a new journey on GameFi and will input more on R&D of Blockchain Games, Tokenisation of Game Assets, Asset Lending, and more.

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