DEGO Christmas Carnival

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Ho ! Ho ! Ho!

Christmas is coming to town, ladies and gents!

If you have not received anything from Santa yet, join the DEGO Christmas party and win a share of our $100,000 Prize Pool!

Campaign 1 Magic Draw

DEGO, together with MATH, Burger, QIAN, are excited to announce the upcoming 4000 Christmas Magic Draw boxes that are full of surprises. The Christmas Boxes contain one of these NFT, Christmas Trees, Red Hats, Candy Hooks, Skates and Burger. Participate in whitelist activities of any BSC project and draw a blind box on on December 21th 2020.

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  • The maximum amount of KRYPTONITE NFT in any category is 10
  • The face value of sponsor’s BEP20 token is equivalent in USD

Campaign 2: NFT Auction

There will be 4 team heroes to be auctioned, representing to Dego, Math, Burger and Qian projects. Each team hero will be created with token equivalent of 3000 USD. The winning bidder of each NFT will earn the rights as Team Captain. The auction opens at 12:00, UTC+0, DEC 22nd.

  • The auction is implemented using BNB
  • The initial bid of each NFT is 1 BNB. When the bid is successful, the next bidder needs to bid 110% of the previous bid price, of which 80% of the price difference is owned by the previous bidder, and 20% will be transferred to the auction system.
  • The initial countdown to each auction is 12 hours.
  • The countdown for each auction will increase by 10 minutes when it is less than 1 hour, and the maximum countdown is 1 hour.

Campaign 3: Mining Royale

The 4 projects will participate in the $60,000 DEGO Christmas Mining Royale as 4 Battalions. Users can use NFTs from the blind box or cast NFTs to participate in mining and compete. The team with the highest mining power will get the largest reward.

a.Mining power is calculated as below
- i.50% is distributed among all Battalions.
- ii.Another 50% is distributed according to Mining power rank from highest to lowest,

b.Hero of a Battalion can earn 20% mining rewards of this Battalion.

c.If Battalion’s rank is denoted as si, mining power is denoted as pi, total rewards in the mining pool is denoted as R, then each Battalion can receive, Ri = R*(sqrt(si)pi))/E(sqrt(si)*pi)

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Power = Value * Mining Efficiency

You can cast your NFT here:


  • The activity will be held on BSC
  • All participating addresses shall be BSC addresses
  • All assets involved in this event run on BSC only.
  • One BSC address can only be used once in the Magic Draw
  • All cheating behaviors are strictly prohibited
  • DEGO reserves the right of final interpretation of all campaigns

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