DEGO Anniversary Party — Mining Pools Worth $600,000 Will be Launched!

Timeline and Introduction of Mining

  • Casting begins at 12:00 UTC, 18th AUG 2021
  • Mining begins at 12:00 UTC, 19th AUG 2021
  • Mining period: 60 Days
  • Unlock period: 30 Days
  • Withdrawal penalty: If the user staked less than 168 hours in any of the pools, 10% of the rewards are deducted

Tutorials for Reference

Detailed Introductions

Pool One ——DEGO Dividend Pool (Viva la Republic of Degoland (DEGO Pool)

  • Injected token: DEGO
  • Face value: 0.1≤ x ≤1000 DEGO
  • Casting cost: 0.1 DEGO
  • Casting random grade: Lv1-Lv6
  • Lv1 Space gemstones
  • Lv2 Time gemstones
  • Lv3 Reality gemstones
  • Lv4 Power gemstones
  • Lv5 Soul gemstones
  • Lv6 Mind gemstones

Pool Two —DEGO Dividend Pool: Toast! Feast! Rejoice! (LP DEGO-BNB Pool)

  • Injected token: DEGO&BNB LP
  • Face value: 0.01≤ x ≤9999 LP
  • Casting cost: 0.1 DEGO
  • Casting random grade: Lv1-Lv6
  • Lv1 Lance of Longinus
  • Lv2 Excalibur
  • Lv3 Hattori Hanzo
  • Lv4 Blade of Chaos
  • Lv5 Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive
  • Lv6 Gemless Gauntlet
  • Casting random grade: Lv6
  • Issue Amount: 10
  • Face value: DEGO-BNB LP worth $1000
  • Mining Efficiency: Infinity gauntlet has 5 times the mining efficiency
  • Collect a full set of DEGO Mythology Series NFT gemstones (from Lv1 to Lv6) + Gemless Gauntlet and exchange them for infinity gauntlet.
  • Private message your address to our official Twitter (@dego_finance) to get infinity Gauntlet.

Pool Three — TRIAS Mining Pool (Ocean Trek)

  • Injected Tokens: TRIAS
  • Face value: 0.1 ≤ x ≤ 1000
  • Casting cost: 0.1 DEGO
  • Random casting NFTs: Lv1-Lv5
  • Limited casting: 100 Lv6

Pool Four— COCOS Mining Pool (Hall of Heroes)

  • Token Injected: BSC (BEP20) COCOS
  • Face Value: 0.1≤ x ≤1000 COCOS
  • Casting cost: 0.1 DEGO
  • Casting random grade: Lv1 — Lv6

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