Defusion Challenge: Mint Daily, Unlock Epic Badges

3 min readJun 29, 2023

Defusion Challenge

Bring your creativity to life with AI and NFTs with us! Create NFTs, acquire unique badges, and unlock greater rewards through Defusion airdrops.

⏰ Time: 12:00 UTC, June 30 – 12:00 UTC, Aug 14


Event Details

🏭 How to win Badges?

  1. Embark on a journey of NFT minting on Defusion and unlock exclusive badges based on your cumulative AIGC NFT minting activity within specific timeframes (7/14/30 days) on the Scroll testnet.
Bridge from Goerli Testnet to Scroll Alpha Testnet (normally it takes a few minutes to bridge)
  • Step 4: Mint AIGC NFTs on Scroll in Defusion for 7/14/30 days.
Users can check NFTs minted on “My NFT”.

2. The cumulative limit for minting is 1 per day. For example, if Bob mints twice on the first day, it will be counted as minting for 1 day.

3. As you progress and level up your badges, the rewards become more enticing.

4. Don’t forget to claim your badges within 45 days!

🗺️ Details of the badges:

Here are the rewarding milestones:

  • Emerald Crest: Mint a total of 7 NFTs within the first 7 days.
  • Sapphire Star: Mint a total of 14 NFTs within the first 14 days.
  • Diamond Crown: Mint a total of 30 NFTs within the first 30 days.

Emerald Crest: Unlock exclusive privileges and rare content. Experience the prestige of the emerald realm.

Emerald Crest

Sapphire Star: Elevate your journey with cosmic wonder and creative inspiration. Shine like a star in exclusive realms.

Sapphire Star

Diamond Crown: Reign in luxury and regal status. Rule the NFT kingdom with brilliance and indulge in exclusive privileges.

Diamond Crown


  1. Participants will receive exclusive badges for completing minting tasks within specific timeframes.
  2. These badges will be minted as rare and unique NFTs, showcasing the participants’ remarkable achievements throughout the event.
  3. Display your badges proudly in your profiles or digital wallets, highlighting your active participation in Defusion. Let your earned badges serve as proof of your valuable contributions to the Defusion Challenge.
  4. The rewards associated with the badges are directly tied to the Defusion airdrop, with higher badge levels unlocking more enticing incentives and bountiful rewards.

Get ready to engage in NFT minting on Defusion and unlock those exclusive badges! Join us now and let your creativity flourish with the Defusion Challenge powered by Dego Finance. Unleash the possibilities of AI and NFTs!

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Dego Finance is an innovative platform aggregating DeFi and NFT, which employs a modular design approach to integrate various elements and form subsystems with specific functionalities. By combining these subsystems into a universal module alongside other modules, DEGO creates a comprehensive system with multiple functions and enhanced performance.

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