D-Verse (DEGO Metaverse) NFT Whitelist Event Officially Kicks Off, Do Tasks, 1000 Whitelists to be Won!

Whitelist Distribution (1000 in total):

— Loyal DEGO holders:

  • Top 100 DEGO holders on chain will be enrolled into whitelists automatically (Calculation time of snapshot: 12:00 Sep 13th)

— Whitelist campaign: Click here

  • Join D-verse whitelist campaign and complete the tasks.
  • Whitelist spots: 900 participants randomly
  • Top 10 referrals will win $20 each in DEGO


  • This pre-sale is on the Ethereum chain.
  • The whitelist can participate in this pre-sale in advance.
  • A whitelisted address can mint ONE D-verse NFT ONLY.
  • Users being caught cheating or using bots will be disqualified from the campaign.
  • DEGO reserves the right and final interpretation of the event.

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