Announcement on Bounce-Dego Campaign Complaints

Dearly beloved DEGO Communities:

I hope you are well.

We recently launched DEGO Foundry, the latest addiction to DEGO NFT Product Kit and start to experimenting on NFT Mining on Binance Smart Chain, and we are grateful to see that Bounce donated $100,000 worth of BOT tokens to hold joint campaigns to expand the BSC NFT universe together.

On the third day of campaign, Bounce team used team tokens to mint some BOTs, causing minor dissatisfaction among users in both communities.

We have communicated with Bounce team and it is their decision to lock team tokens and participate. DEGO team has no participation of this process and our sole responsibility is the smooth running of products and smart contracts only.

We’d also like to take this occasion to thank our community for your supports thus far. Stay tuned for our upcoming products!

Have a good one guys.

DEGO Core Team


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