$25,000 ALPA Mine@dego.finance | ALPA NFT Mining Campaign

As Dego community has voted yes for the latest proposal by Alpaca City, we would like to bring on the Dego-Alpaca NFT Mining Campaign. You can check the proposal in the link below.


Alpaca City is endeavoring to create a more accessible DeFi ecosystem by combining the power of yield farming and NFT. We are glad to announce today that Alpaca will launch a series of joint NFT campaigns with Dego.finance.

Campaign Dates:

  • 1st Dec 2020, Mining Rules Announced
  • 3rd Dec 2020, Auction of Exclusive NFTs
  • 3rd Dec 2020, Dego NFT Mining Begins (Machu Picchu Temple)
  • 4th Dec 2020, NFT Casting Begins
  • 5th Dec 2020, ALPA NFT Mining Begins (Machu Picchu Pyramid)

Campaign Rules

Alpaca team will create a batch of limited edition & exclusive NFT’s using ALPA, which can be auctioned on Dego.finance and traded on Dego NFT Place.

  • Auction starts at 1 PM UTC, 3rd Dec 2020.
  • Auction item: Exclusive ALPA NFT- LV6
  • Quantity: 5
  • Par value: 800 ALPA per NFT

Apart from the ALPA NFT- LV6 that are limited, all users could deposit any amount of ALPA tokens and consume 1 DEGO token to mint your very own ALPA NFT on Dego Foundry and participate in the NFT Mining.

  • NFT Casting Begins at 1 PM pm UTC, 4th Dec 2020
  • Random Casting grade: LV1-LV5
  • Token accepted: ALPA
  • Casting par value: 0.1 ≤ X ≤ 800 ALPA
  • Casting cost: 1 DEGO
  • Decomposition Cycle: 30 days to unlock

Here’s how to cast a ALPA NFT in detail, https://docs.dego.finance/how-to/cast-nft

Each ALPA NFT Grade represent different Mining Power. Users can assess their return based on NFT Mining Power table below.

*Power = ALPA Par Value * Mining Efficiency

Alpaca team donated $25,000 ALPA tokens to set up two ALPA Mines for NFT Mining. Users can stake the ALPA NFT they casted, bought, won into the following mining pools: Machu Picchu Temple& Machu Picchu Pyramid to mine ALPA tokens.

Machu Picchu Temple:

1)Total amount of pool: ALPA worth $5k

2)Only DEGO NFTs are invited here

Machu Picchu Pyramid:

1)Total amount of pool: ALPA worth $20k

2)Only ALPA NFTs are invited here

  • Machu Picchu Temple will be launched at 0:00 pm(UTC+0) on December 3rd
  • Farah NFT Auction will be launched at 1:00 pm(UTC+0) on December 3rd
  • Machu Picchu Pyramid will be launched at 0:00 pm(UTC+0) on December 5th
  • The reward will be allocated in 28 days (1/28 of total rewards will mined out everyday)
  • 10% of the reward will be deducted if harvested within 3 days after mining
  • Each address is allowed to stake up to a total value of 800 ALPA. If an address is staked with an NFT with par value large than 800 ALPA, or staked with NFTs that have a total value exceed 800 ALPA, that address is treated as a value of 800 ALPA is staked

Here’s how to participate in detail?


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